In October 2010, I was introduced with a book entitled ”Cashflow Quadrant written by Robert Kiyosaki. It began when I had students bring their own favourite book and tell the class about it. Most of them brought fiction books. Only few of them liked to read non fiction books. One of them was The Cashflow Quadrant.
I was interested in the story that my student retold. It was about two people with different actions – a person who still kept working to carry buckets of water from water source to a small village and his fellow was away for six months and got back to village to build pipelines from water source to the village. Starting from this, I made the book as one of two must-read books in my class.
A couple of weeks later, when I asked my students to write a recension on the book, I got a new information from one of my students. He wrote in his simple recension that the book has become a guide book for MLM people. A ”holy book”, my fellow lecturer said. Then I asked my student and my fellow the reason of MLM people has taken the book as their guide. No satisfied answers they made.
Until one day, in the mid of January of 2011, I had an opportunity to attend a meeting – MLM meeting. In the meeting, I was firstly displayed with the diagram of cashflow quadrant.  A talkactive presenter explained that some people work harder in small business and some other people work smarter in big business. What is the difference? The answer is the system.   There are various examples of systems – franchising, networking, setting up a new business, etc. Either franchising or setting up a new business definitely require big capital, while networking require only small capital but can earn more. This is the very point that become the key idea of MLM and that is why the book of Cashflow Quadrant is their “holy book” to attract people to join their networks.
However, I like the book, apart from it is related to MLM or not. Definitely I don’t belong to any kind of this networking. ^_^


About Ruli

Just an ordinary woman, a mom with only one son, a person who always makes her life count, little headstrong, not talking too much but attempts to criticize things that go wrong,,,that's me. ^^V

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